Monthly Archive: January 2013

Jan 31 2013

List of guns proposed to be banned in 2013

Banned Guns List 2013

Feinstein’s list of guns proposed to be banned in 2013. Well, the genius Diane Feinstein has made public the list of guns that she thinks should be banned. As expected, all types of AR and AK rifles are on the list, but there are also some guns that surprised me. For instance, the Armalite M15 …

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Jan 11 2013

Cross Dominant Shooting – Left Handed and Right Eye Dominant?

Cross Dominant Shooting

If you are reading this article, it is likely that either you or someone close to you is cross dominant. While this may seem like a big problem, don’t worry, cross dominant shooting is just a temporary inconvenience that can be easily overcome. If the cross dominant person is new to shooting, the easiest way …

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Jan 01 2013

How to find ammo during an ammo shortage

  With all the  talk about gun control lately, most retailers of ammunition and guns are sold out. There is an ammo shortage. People are going crazy buying up guns, ammunition, magazines, mainly out of fear that they won’t be able to buy these things later on. So, how do you find ammo during an …

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