Mar 08 2013

South Dakota teachers allowed to carry guns in schools

South Dakota teachers allowed to carry guns in schools


South Dakota teachers allowed to carry guns in schools:

Today South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard signed a bill that will allow teachers to carry guns in school. This bill was pushed by gun rights supporters, who say that giving teachers the right to arm themselves can help prevent future tragedies like the mass shooting that happened at Sandy Hook Elementary school several months ago.

The South Dakota state senate made an amendment to the bill before it was passed, requiring that individual school districts must decide in a public meeting whether to allow teachers to be armed in that school district. The amendment also allowed the school districts residents to overrule a school board’s decision by putting the issue up to a public vote.

For over 12 years, Utah has allowed teachers with concealed carry permits to carry on school grounds, and now South Dakota is following that same rationale in regard to allowing teachers to defend themselves and their students. It is reported that Georgia, New Hampshire, and Kansas are also working on similar legislation.

Congratulations to the state of South Dakota for putting forth this common sense legislation.


Source: Wall Street Journal



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