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Jul 21 2013

Sights for the Glock 19

Glock 19 Sights

  Sights for the Glock 19: So, I just finally got around to shooting my new Glock 19 (gen 3) for the first time yesterday. I really like the gun a lot, and it shoots fantastically. But, after shooting about 2 magazines through it I clearly realized that I need to get some different sights …

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Mar 08 2013

South Dakota teachers allowed to carry guns in schools

South Dakota teachers allowed to carry guns in schools

  South Dakota teachers allowed to carry guns in schools: Today South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard signed a bill that will allow teachers to carry guns in school. This bill was pushed by gun rights supporters, who say that giving teachers the right to arm themselves can help prevent future tragedies like the mass shooting …

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Jan 11 2013

Cross Dominant Shooting – Left Handed and Right Eye Dominant?

Cross Dominant Shooting

If you are reading this article, it is likely that either you or someone close to you is cross dominant. While this may seem like a big problem, don’t worry, cross dominant shooting is just a temporary inconvenience that can be easily overcome. If the cross dominant person is new to shooting, the easiest way …

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Dec 17 2012

Concealed Carry True Stories – Armed Shopper faces down mall shooter in Portland.

Concealed Carry True Stories – Armed Shopper faces down mall shooter in Portland. December 17, 2012 – Portland, OR As a masked gunman began firing in a Portland shopping mall, 22 year old concealed carry permit holder Nick Meli had a decision to make. With the gunman in sight, Nick drew his Glock 26 pistol …

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Dec 07 2012

Free Gun Inventory Spreadsheet

Gun inventory spreadsheet download

This is a great little gun inventory spreadsheet that I created to keep track of all of my firearms and serial numbers. I did some searching online but didn’t find anything I liked, and I didn’t want to download any software, so I created my own solution that works very well. This is a simple …

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Nov 28 2012

Preview of the new Walther PPX Pistol

Walther PPX Pistol

  The Walther PPX is the newest pistol in their lineup of fine firearms. It will be coming out next year, and is billed as an “entry level” pistol and priced to retail for under $500. It is supposed to be available in 9mm and .40 S&W, and appears to be a simplified version of …

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Nov 25 2012

Where to find Kel-Tec Reviews


Where to find Kel-Tec Reviews: Before I bought my first Kel-Tec pistol, I read a lot of Kel-Tec reviews first. I was amazed to find that there is a very active community of Kel-Tec owners that love to share their experiences with their Kel-Tec guns. The group of people I am taking about is called …

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Nov 21 2012

Armed- The Essential Guide to Concealed Carry

Arned: The Essential Guide to Concealed Carry

[xyz-ihs snippet=”AdsenseTextLink468x15″] Armed- The Essential Guide to Concealed Carry Almost anywhere you go you’ll find someone offering advice on carrying a handgun for self-defense. But the book Armed- The Essential Guide to Concealed Carry is a little different than the other books out there. Written by Bruce N. Eimer, Ph.D., a noted psychologist, former police …

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Nov 16 2012

Concealed carry in the car – Ruger LCP in my Chevy Impala

Concealed Carry Chevy Impala

  When thinking about concealed carry in the car it is important that my weapon is easily accessible to me. That being said, it is also important that the gun be secure and concealed. Finding a compromise between these two requirements can be difficult, and depending on the particular vehicle you are driving, seemingly impossible. …

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Nov 15 2012

Push for concealed carry in Illinois getting attention

Illiniois concealed carry

Concealed Carry in Illinois If you are at all familiar with state gun laws across the nation, you already know that Illinois is one of the most restrictive states in the USA in regard to guns. As of now, concealed carry in Illinois is entirely illegal, and it is the only state in the nation …

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