Dec 07 2012

Free Gun Inventory Spreadsheet

Gun inventory spreadsheet

This is a great little gun inventory spreadsheet that I created to keep track of all of my firearms and serial numbers. I did some searching online but didn’t find anything I liked, and I didn’t want to download any software, so I created my own solution that works very well. This is a simple gun inventory spreadsheet, so there’s no software to install or anything like that. It is a simple Microsoft Excel file. If you don’t have Excel on your computer, a free alternative can be found here.

This firearm inventory spreadsheet can be easily filled in, and also easily printed if you want a hard copy to keep in your safe with your guns. It is also fully editable, so feel free to make any changes to the spreadsheet to suit your own needs.

Your can download a free copy of my gun inventory spreadsheet HERE

For older versions of Excel, HERE is a copy of the spreadsheet in .xls format.



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  1. Gary Slider

    I highly recommend anyone who owns firearms to download this form and list all your firearms. Give a copy to a relative or put in your safety deposit box. In case of a fire you still have a copy of the list. If your firearms are stolen if you don’t have the Ser #’s and report them as stolen you will never get them back. If you don’t have the Ser #’s and they find them even if you can describe every scratch on them etc etc etc you will most likely not get them back. Take the time and do this. I am really glad i did and I am speaking from experience!

  2. les

    some programs can’t convert the .xlsx. any way you can put them in a .xls or works spreadsheet?

    1. Tom

      Hi Les,
      Thanks for pointing that out. I’ve gone ahead and uploaded a .xls version as you requested. The link is just below the original download link above. Thanks!

  3. Robert Hall


  4. Brian

    Thanks for providing this. I’m implementing it now.

  5. Razzle

    I used your spreadsheet as a template but also added pictures. For example, if you click on the serial number cell, s picture of the serial number is in the comment. Thanks for sharing your spreadsheet.

    1. Tom

      That’s a great idea, Razzle. Thanks for posting it!

  6. Barry

    Thank you for a great format. I have also taken time a few years back for an inventory sheet for Reloading supplies and ammo. If anyone is interested, I can upload it. Just shoot me (no pun intended PLEASE) an email.

  7. SRG53

    Thanks for a brilliantly simple, yet thorough format!

  8. Andy

    Tom, STRONG WORK! Thank you for the upload.

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