Jan 31 2013

List of guns proposed to be banned in 2013

Feinstein’s list of guns proposed to be banned in 2013.

Well, the genius Diane Feinstein has made public the list of guns that she thinks should be banned. As expected, all types of AR and AK rifles are on the list, but there are also some guns that surprised me. For instance, the Armalite M15 .22LR. Really? A .22LR rifle on the banned list? This just proves that the people proposing this new legislation truly have no idea what they are talking about.

Banned Guns List 2013


Diane Feinstein

Diane Feinstein – Legislative Mastermind



Hey Diane, while your banning AKs, why don’t you also propose that the state of Alaska change their abbreviation from AK to AA? That will be about as effective at stopping gun violence as your gun ban list.









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  1. Luis E. Salcedo

    That is One Stupid and Ignorant Senator. She need to go back to San Francisco, CA and stay there.

  2. ron franklin

    Diane, if you think that you are going to do away with the 2nd Ammendment, it isn’t going to EVER happen, time for you to get a REAL job and quit Sucking the Life out of the American People.

  3. Greg

    All they know is ban ban. How about we ban all liberal

    From holding a public office

  4. Al Williams

    I hope you will come get them yourself , I dare you !

  5. Al Williams

    This woman is going to be responsible for more loss of life by people defending their constitutional rights against an unlawful, corrupt government action. She could possibly be remembered in History as the “Hitler of the 21st century”.

  6. Ex-Pat

    If the American people do not know what Big Brother is trying to do, I beleive have an answer. If and WHEN the US turns into a Police State, which we can all see is happening as we speak. It would be a lot easier to take control when the people only have hand guns. ( for close range conflicts ) I do beleive that is why they are after certain rifles that are considered a high power or the larger round mags…..

  7. Illegal

    But wait – we know that they have no intention of restricting the rights of law-abiding hunters and target shooters, right? That’s why Colt Match Target Rifles are on the ban list… This is no different than the banning in California of .50 cal. rifles – there has NEVER been a single case of one being used in a crime, but since they have the POTENTIAL to shoot through an armored car, they better be banned (for the personal safety of the state legislators who drive around in armored limousines, I presume.)

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