Nov 06 2012

Review of Armalaser TR1 Laser For Kel-Tec P3AT / P32

Armalaser TR1 Laser Review

The newest laser setup from Armalaser, the TR1, is designed specifically to fit the popular and compact Kel-Tec P3AT and P32 pistol models. The Armalaser company is finally stepping up to the challenge of delivering a laser solution that has comparable features to the popular Crimson Trace laser setup.

The “TR” stands for touch reflex, and this feature is the main reason why this laser is the best innovation yet from Armalaser. The [amazon_link id=”B008R9IKQM” target=”_blank” ]TR1 Laser[/amazon_link] is designed to be completely automatic and will turn on as soon as your hand engages the grip of the gun. This feature is accomplished through the use of a touch sensitive plate on the bottom of the trigger guard. When you place your hand on the grip, the sensor detects it and turns on the laser instantly. This technology is a step above past models that required a button push or touching a specific area to turn the laser on. This makes the laser completely automatic and ensures the laser activates the moment you draw your weapon.

In comparing this laser setup to other popular brands such as Crimson Trace, Lasermax, and Laserlyte, there are some key differences to note. Here is a comparison table for these four laser systems. Click on the image to get a closer look.

Armalaser vs Crimson Trace vs Lasermax vs Laserlyte

Armalaser vs Crimson Trace vs Lasermax vs Laserlyte

  • In comparing with Crimson Trace, the difference in price is one of the biggest differences, with the Armalaser TR1 being a full $100 less than the CT.
  • On top of that, Armalaser is offering up a 5 year warranty compared to only 3 years with CT.
  • The TR1 also features a battery door and the option to have either a pulse or steady laser beam, which the Crimson Trace does not.
  • Finally, the Armalaser TR1 comes with a Desantis Nemisis pocket holster that fits the TR1, a $20 value.

In summary, the Armalaser TR1 appears to be an excellent laser setup for your Kel-Tec P3AT or P32. Being priced at $100 less than the competition, and a holster included, this setup looks hard to beat. And if you’re not a P3AT or P32 owner, don’t worry, Armalaser has plans to launch TR series lasers for other popular concealed carry gun models in the near future.


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