Oct 19 2012

Deal Alert – Kydex Holster & Mag Pouch Combo $49.95 (reg. $90)

Right now is a great chance for you to pick up this awesome holster and mag pouch combo from Hoffner Holsters. They are currently offering this set at $40 off the regular price, and this is a great deal. These two pieces are from their “minimlalist” line of accessories, and are designed to be very concealable.

On thing to note, this holster set features the “J hook” under the belt design, where the belt clip goes underneath the belt and then the hook pulls up on your belting during your draw to keep the holster from coming out of your pants when drawing your weapon. While this design style works very well, it is not as easy to take on and off as an over the belt style hook. So, if your daily routine involves going in and out of places where you aren’t allowed to carry, this might be something to consider.

That aside, these do look like excellent holsters. Here is the information from the Hoffner website:

Hoffner’s ITP (in the pants) Minimalist J-Hook has saved the lives of countless Police Undercover Officers. It is minimal, comfortable, and highly concealing. Retention-adjustable design provides a fast draw and easy one-hand re-holstering. It’s minimalist design will allow the use of any size “like” pistol. You only need one of these great holsters for all of your Glock 9/40’s or 1911’s or any other “like” pistols. Made in the USA, by hand, for most pistols and mags.

They make them for all sorts of guns, and if you have a gun that they don’t currently make a holster for, just contact them and I’m sure they’d be glad to get it done for you.

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