Nov 23 2012

Saiga Rifle Conversion Parts List


Completing a Saiga Rifle Conversion:

About two years ago I purchased a brand new Saiga rifle chambered for the .223 Remington (5.56 NATO) cartridge. I bought the plain Jane verion, with a Monte Carlo style stock and straight composite fore end. Here is what it looked like right out of the box.Saiga Rifle 223

I bought this Saiga rifle with the intention of diving right in with a conversion. By conversion, I mean replacing the buttstock and forearm with more “tactical” parts, and also adding some other accessories like lights, handles, and sights. Well, it’s been 2 years and all I’ve done so far is to add a saiga optics mount and a 3×9 scope. I will do reviews of the rifle and all the accessories I put on it, but for today I just wanted to share my list of conversion parts that I will be adding to this Saiga.

There a LOT of places to find these accessories, but I’ve actually found that Amazon.com offers a very wide selection of Saiga accessories and almost always has the lowest price, especially when you account for the fact that you don’t have to pay sales tax for online orders (yet).

I have built up a very lengthy Saiga conversion parts list of many, many, different accessory parts that I am considering. Feel free to view the entire list if you are looking for ideas. Obviously I can’t do them all, so I’ve  narrowed the list down my top 5 Saiga accessory parts.

1. [amazon_link id=”B002TUSDJE” target=”_blank” ]UTG Saiga 7.62X39 mm Tactical Quad Rail System[/amazon_link]

2. [amazon_link id=”B001Q8GJXM” target=”_blank” ]Tapco Intrafuse Saiga T6 Stock Set, Black[/amazon_link]

3. [amazon_link id=”B002N2ASH8″ target=”_blank” ]Tapco Intrafuse Vertical Grip Short[/amazon_link]

4. [amazon_link id=”B005I3J9WY” target=”_blank” ]GDT Tactical Military Foldable Foregrip Bipod Grip M16 AR-15 AK-47 AR-10 new style[/amazon_link]

5. [amazon_link id=”B002TUSDV2″ target=”_blank” ]UTG 2-in-1 Tactical LED Flashlight with Red Laser[/amazon_link]

There are actually quite a few user reviews that you can read on Amazon for each of these Saiga accessories, and I will also write up a review of each new part as I install them and post that info here on GunDetails.com.  As always, your comments and questions are always welcome.

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